The look of the day that worships your curves!

The look of the day that worships your curves!


Everything will change when you workout in this outfit. There is just something about the combination of the fabric and the geometric design that makes it flattering that your confidence reach a whole new level!

Made of bamboo this sportsbra comes with a handy zipper. It is one of those bra's you look forward to take it off after a sweaty session, cuz you know it just takes you a second while the person next to you might ask for your help. 

And when you had a LIIT or a slow stretch session with minimal sweating, our reversible legging with anti bacterial and anti odor functions will be great to wear it again. As you might be in the mood for another color. One day white and another day metallic pink. Isnt that fun!

We have got you taken care of with this outfit, it's not only downright sophisticated, but also an ultimate boost to your level of motivation to workout more.

Model Diana is wearing here the sportsbra"Alex" and the reversible legging"Billie Jean" that comes in metallic pink and white.

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