3F Trainers program

3F is all about supporting everyone who motivate and guide other people to do more sports.

With this 3F Trainers benefit we show that it doesn’t matter what sport you teach,
every teacher needs their students and every sport practitioner needs a teacher to grow.  

ANY certified instructor that is actively teaching any kind of sport who reach out to us,
is able to purchase our 3F apparel at a steep discount and in addition you will receive a goodie bag!

Want to know what the benefits are and what goodies you will get.
Please email to info@iam3f.com with in the subject: 3F Trainers program.
As Sharing is caring.
We just ask you to post yourself in our 3F wear with the tag @iam_3f so we can see what you are wearing!
Terms and Conditions
The given discount can only be used for purchased made at the iam3f.com website within the 3F collection. The discount does not apply to any other online or offline locations.
We really appreciate you being a fan of our 3F apparel, and therefore the discount you receive is exclusively for you and you only.
You are in a position to purchase 4 items per year with this special instructors discount.