Welcome to 3F Members' Club!

Expert Talks - Replay Sessions

We had such an amazing time with these experts! But if you missed any of the talks or would like to watch them again, don't worry because we'll be posting everything on our website and Instagram. You can also catch a replay later from there too so stay tuned for more information about when that will go live soon enough!


With every piece of 3F Activewear you are eligible to attend our 3F Workout class.

We are a passionate team dedicated to health and fitness.

We believe that every person is powerful in their own way. 

No need to follow trends, workout, diets that you do not like or does not fit you. Together we want to encourage each other to find your own power,have more fun, and share this message with others.


How to join our 3F workout class

The only thing you have to do is to write us an email to info@iam3f.com and provide us the barcode or the code of the activewear and we will put you on the list.


Let's workout together!


At the current moment this service is only available in Hongkong.We are doing our best to expand this service as soon as possible to other locations.